How to buy traffic to Facebook apps

A simple step by step guide to how to create an ad targeting your Facebook app.

1. Create ad

Go to and click on “create ad”.



2. Clicks to website

Choose “click to website” and paste your app-URL. (Make sure to use a Smart URL to make a mobile friendly campaign.)


3. Upload images

You can upload up to 6 images. The image is the most important element of the ad so make sure it’s really eye-catching and relevent. Recommended image size is: 600 x 315 px.



 4. Add text.

Clearly highlight the benefits — such as features, discount, or a special promo — of your product.



5. Choose your audience

Who is your customer? Probably the most important question. In this case the restaurant has its core clients in and around the Brooklyn area. The target group is 30–50 year olds interested in Food and drinks.


6. Budget and time

Finally set the amount of money your willing to spend on your campaign.


7. Monitor, measure & learn

Watch your campaigns performance from facebook insights.


Key here is engagement. Look at likes, comments, shares and post clicks.


Some last words, working with ads is a constant testing process. Se how different pics, texts and messages performs to optimize your results. Experiment and see what you can improve. Good luck!

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