How to create mobile friendly URLs for your Facebook apps


Follow these steps to make sure your Facebook apps is reachable on all devices with smart-URLs.


1. Go to your app

Got to your app on your Facebook page and click on the button “Smart-URL” found in the top right corner.



2. Copy the URL

Select and copy the URL from the input field.



3. Paste on timeline

Use the URL to paste on your timeline to link to your app.



4. Security Check

Facebook is going to ask you to confirm the link. Just enter the security code and click “Submit” and your smart-URL is instantly posted to your timeline.



5. Done!

Now anyone clicking on your link from a mobile device will see your app.




Advanced: Use a URL-shortener

Want to create a neater looking URL? Use a URL-shortener such as to shorten your link.



Advanced: Paste on timeline

The shortened link works the same way.




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