How to include Mailchimp Forms in decor tab creator

This tutorial provides you insights on how to insert mailchimp forms into decor tab creator apps easily.

1. Login into your mailchimp account

Go to and login.


2. Create a subscription form

Create your own embedded form for subscription and copy the embed code which is shown in the figure


3. Choose your email app in Decor

Now login into the decor app with your Facebook account and select the email app from decor facebook apps page.



 4. Customize the app

Customize the app and provide space for embedding the mailchimp form into your decor app



5. Add the code

Now, click on the code tab in top right corner and choose html code component. After choosing the code component, right click on the template and click edit template



6. Copy the embedded mailchimp code

Now, copy the html content from mailchimp into the html component. After copying, save it and close. Now you are successfully embedded a mailchimp form into a decor app.

7. The form

The embedded form of mailchimp is now in your customized decor app.



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