How to track your App visits using Facebook insights

How much traffic do you have on your Facebook apps? Here’s a tutorial showing how to see how many people visit your apps on Facebook. Using Facebook insights you can compare how your different campaigns and apps performs. This gives you valuable data on how to improve your Facebook presence.

1. On your Facebook page, click on “Insights”.




2. Then click on “Visits”.



3. Next step is to choose timeframe.

To compare how your different apps and campaigns performs over time you can choose a timeframe. In this example my campaign ran from May 17 to June 6.



4. Select timeframe.

Select the timeframe by clicking and dragging over the chart on “Page and Tab Visits”.


5. The results.

In this example the Decor app (Decor Tab – #8) has had 262 visits between May 17 and June 7.