How to use conversion tracking and conversion pixels

Use conversion tracking and conversion pixels to see how your Facebook marketing campaigns convert. Conversion tracking also allows you to optimize your Facebook ads.

1. Go to the Facebook Ads Manager:


2. Click “Conversion Tracking” from the left sidebar.



3. Click “Create pixel” in the top right corner.



4. Choose category.

In this case we choose “leads”. Name your conversion pixel, for example “Email Signups”.



5. Copy the pixel code.



6. Add the pixel code to your call-to-action.

Go to your app in Decor edit mode. Click on “Link” on your call-to-action. (In this case a button.)



7. Paste the code into the input field.



8. Click save – Done!

An Id will automatically be generated and you can set a Value for each click (optional.) All clicks will now be tracked and you can see the data in Conversion Tracking Facebook:




However, being able to implement Facebook conversion tracking into your ads will allow you to get additional data that will help you refine your ad campaigns and really see which ones are the most effective at converting clicks into leads, or sales etc.