Mobile vs. Desktop in edit mode

This guide shows how to edit your app in Mobile and Tab mode.

1. Choose template/app.

Click on a template-app to start.



2. In edit mode

This is how it looks in edit mode when you first enter. In the top left corner – “Edit Mobile” is active.



 3. Mobile and Tab

As you can see: Mobile is: “On” and Tab is: “Off”. “Tab” is how your Decor Facebook app will be shown to users using a browser. “Mobile” is how your Facebook app will be shown on a Mobile device.



4. Both Tab and Mobile activated – Turned “On”.

This is what it should look like when both modes are activated.



5. Edit Tab

Now you can edit your app in both Mobile and Tab mode.



6. Switch between modes

Switch between “Edit Tab” and “Edit Mobile” to make sure your app looks good in both modes. Changes made in “Mobile” mode will affect “Tab” and vice versa.



When satisfied, click “Publish” and your app will instantly be published to your Facebook page. Use a smart-URL when promoting your app to make it accessable on all devices.